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Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the creation and publishing of content, which can be shared through multiple channels to build trust and brand awareness for your business.

Quality, informative and well-structured content throughout your website will engage your visitors, deliver improved return on investment and show search engines you are an authority in your field, increasing your online visibility.

What Is Content?

Content can come in a number of forms, including blog posts, eBooks, white papers, infographics, videos, or even a 100 page resource area within your website.

Web Page Limited research and develop new content, use your company assets, encourage user-generated content (UGC) and re-generate old posts to deliver cost effective results.

The Marketing Process

Your website will be the central point for all content creation. Adding fresh content to your website increases online visibility and traffic, as well as being the source of your marketing efforts.

The most important factor when creating content is to provide value to those who are going to read it. Google and major search engines are extremely good at recognising which content engages people and which content has purely been created to service SEO advantages. Search engines measure hundreds of factors when ranking a webpage. The weight placed on user interaction with a page or social signals it gathers has increased overtime.

Once we have created a quality, informative piece of writing that is SEO friendly, we'll publish it on your website. However, it doesn’t stop there. With over 10 million blog posts created every week, your blog will not just magically get seen by the world amongst all the other articles out there.

Web Page Limited will maximise your content's web visibility through a bespoke marketing strategy, making use of content sharing websites, RSS, email marketing, social networks and social bookmarking.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Engaging with your current and prospective customers is as much about content as design. All too often web copy has been bundled together; this 'afterthought copy' will generally have been compiled by a nominated and very reluctant staff member.

Why Web Page Limited?

Our marketing team has the support of our development and design teams, meaning anything is possible when creating great content.

We work with you

We offer a full service or can collaborate with you to help execute the most effective content marketing strategy.

To discuss content marketing further call us on 03 928 6050 or use our contact form.

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