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Web Page Limited will be working from home as of 24th of March 2020. If you need to contact us, please email hello@webpage.nz.


Are you an non-profit organization in New Zealand and requires our sponsorship?

We're here to give non-profit organizations in New Zealand a helping hand.

Web Page Limited are here to help your non-profit organization.

If you require website hosting, website design, domain name or anything else for your non-profit organization, then you can submit your application to Web Page Limited and we will be contact with you soon.

Number of sponsorships is limited with time and budget we have set for the year.

You must be an non-profit organization in New Zealand only. Any applications made outside of New Zealand will not be accepted.

01. Your organization details

REQUIRED Legal organization name
REQUIRED Your first name
REQUIRED Your last name
REQUIRED Where in New Zealand are you from?
REQUIRED Your email address
REQUIRED Your contact phone number

02. Domain name details

Do you have a domain name
REQUIRED Enter in your domain name

03. Your requirements details

First Time Sponsorship?
REQUIRED Have you been sponsored by Web Page Limited before?
REQUIRED Select one or more requirements
REQUIRED Tell us your requirements for your sponsorship

04. Are you a human?

Most important question, are you a real person?

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