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Website Design

Why Choose Web Page Limited to Build Your Website?

We're more than just your web design team. From design previews and consultations through to securely hosting your site and sharing it in all the right places, we're experts when it comes to helping local businesses attract customers online.

Did you know that over 1/3 of New Zealand search traffic comes exclusively from mobile devices? We'll make sure your business doesn't miss out.

What You Will Get

Mobile-friendly design helps you connect with customers everywhere
Your website will be coded, structured and built with SEO in mind
We'll support you with any updates or amendments to your website
Engage customers with professional photography, graphics, videos and more
Up to date secure platform with business hosting

Design Branding Guidelines

General aesthetics and 'look and feel' should not take priority over designing for performance. Good design is about balance, and often requires the application of basic principles.

We are a web design company working with well-established and recognised brands. Following brand guidelines, adhering to colour palettes and adopting corporate convention is very much part of our design ethos. We produce fresh and contemporary designs alongside rigid branding guidelines.

Exceptional Website Design

A website should be engaging, easy to navigate and focussed toward the target audience. When designing a website, care and attention should be given to the user journey and clear calls to action should be used to encourage visitors towards a goal.


Gaining a strong understanding of your brand, your market place and your objectives is crucial. We work for many diverse businesses and organisations in a wide variety of sectors.

Developing an effective strategy for your unique business requires careful attention. We listen, we observe and we talk to gain a full and detailed picture of your business requirements.


We make the big decisions during this process. Wireframing is a great way to outline navigation and areas of information. We focus on basic layout and content, ignoring distractions such as colours and graphics, to ensure that all the key user needs are met on each page of your website.

Wireframes are quick and easy to adapt and adjust, so this provides a good opportunity to collaborate and involve project stakeholders.


This is when your project begins to come to life. Following branding guidelines, applying colour palettes, introducing new visual assets and real content to the wireframes, we deliver you our vision. We will either create a static series of mock-ups or build a working prototype. Again we deliver our design concepts for feedback and collaboration, allowing you to influence and support the design process.


The build process is carefully managed between our design and development teams. We have a full and dedicated development team with a very broad range of skills. We are able to meet the most complex requirements and we build robust, functional, scalable websites and applications. We will build your project to meet exacting design standards and achieve optimum efficiency.


Too often overlooked, testing is a vital step in high-quality project delivery. Ensuring that the website is fully functional and error free, testing the website for accessibility and ensuring that the website works fully in all of the various web browsers are all standard requirements for our builds. We also encourage our clients to perform and sign-off user acceptance testing at the very end of the project to ensure complete satisfaction prior to 'go-live'.


We support our clients with our own team of specialists. We do not outsource our support service to external agencies and, where possible, we assign a member of our team to each client for support. We are flexible about our support service, and we can offer both ad-hoc and contract support.

Responsive web design that looks great on all devices

Responsive web design is a 'must have' on most of our projects. Ensuring that a site is easy and intuitive to navigate on the myriad of device screen formats now available is essential for the success of most web projects. Designing for responsive should not be considered an afterthought; we carefully consider the usability of each website on large and small smartphone and tablet screens too.

CMS websites that you can update yourself

All the websites we build run on a content management system, which means you can update the site whenever you like.

We use popular open-source CMS' like WordPress and Joomla, and can build website templates around these frameworks.

We develop third-party applications of the following...
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